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Local Bicycle Racks are designed and made in Birmingham, Alabama.
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New designs for bike racks? Local bike racks are developed to be super strong and to allow for the best possible ways to secure a bike. No more wondering if your front wheel is safe.
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See more pictures and see a map of all current Local bicycle racks installations, or download a variety of Local bike racks CAD files to use in your upcoming projects. We also offer custom design sessions.

the local story
Way back in 2009, we began with one goal. We wanted to build a better bike rack for Birmingham. What would a bike rack need to make it in our city?

First, most businesses in Birmingham are not overwhelmed with bike traffic, but there is a strong (albeit small) cycling community here. Shouldn't cyclists be rewarded for their efforts to use the best form of transportation there is? We thought so, too.

We began work on a bike rack that would hold 2 bicycles, and would allow cyclists to lock the front frame of the bike with the front wheel, and another section of the frame with the back wheel, using two u-locks.

Of course, not everyone needs that much security - that's why we also wanted to provide a quick an easy lock location using the top tube.

We began drawing and looking at how people were locking their bikes, as well as the good and bad things about current bike racks designed to hold two bicycles.

What did we come up with? Read about our first rack in the next section...

our racks
LOCAL 2 - for 2 bikes

A variant of the standard upside down U rack, LOCAL2 matches well with any bike frame. A 45 degree angle in the rack lines up with the down tube of a bicycle, allowing bikes of many different sizes to be locked securely.

This rack is great for a business looking to provide bicycle parking to customers, and allows for 2 bikes to be locked at the same time.

It is also perfect for placing a few racks in multiple locations throughout a college or school campus, when only a few bikes will be needed to be locked up at the same time.

LOCAL2 is best mounted in concrete with wedge anchor bolts. If no concrete areas are available to place the rack, a small concrete pad can be poured for mounting.

Fabricated from carbon steel, powder coated in either blue or red. Custom colors available.



technical drawing




LOCAL 4 - for 4 bikes

A freestanding unit, LOCAL4 can be mounted in concrete - or it can be left unmounted if security is not an issue, such as in a guarded parking deck.

The 45 degree angle allows for bikes of many sizes to be securely locked to the rack.

This rack is great for organizations that need a larger number of bicycles locked in one location, or need several spots to hold 4 bikes each.

Fabricated from carbon steel, powder coated in either blue or red. Custom colors available.



technical drawing




purchasing local bicycle racks
To buy...

For more information on purchasing Local bicycle racks, please get in touch with us either by email or by phone.

We'd be happy to talk with you about your specific bicycle parking needs, come out and evaluate the site, and even talk with you about custom orders.

We can tailor your order to match exactly what you need, whether it's a custom vinyl logo for your business or organization, a perfect color match for your brand's image, or custom designed shapes for the racks.


Locations: Birmingham Public Library - Birmingham, AL, Social Venture - Birmingham, AL, Discovery Island Supply Co - Birmingham, AL, City Arts Boutique - Birmingham, AL, Fifty Fifth Place - Birmingham, AL, Hippodrome Barber Shop - Birmingham, AL, Woodlawn Library - Birmingham, AL, Brick & Tin - Birmingham, AL, Bistro 218 - Birmingham, AL, Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham - Birmingham, AL, Little Donkey - Homewood, AL, Video Underground - Montevallo, AL, Luckie's Supermarket - Montevallo, AL, Main Street Tavern - Montevallo, AL, El Agave - Montevallo, AL, Eclipse Coffee and Books - Montevallo, AL, Stephens Park - Montevallo, AL, Piggly Wiggly - Montevallo, AL, CVS - Montevallo, AL, Montevallo Office Park - Montevallo, AL, Brown Mackie College - Homewood, AL, The Birmingham News - Birmingham, AL, Samford University - Homewood, AL, Lucy's Coffee and Tea - Birmingham, AL

If you want to see a Local bicycle rack in person, use this map to find a rack that's closest to you. If the rack is at a business - stop by and tell them how much you appreciate their commitment to providing bicycle parking at their establishment. It'll mean a lot to us - and to them.

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Local Bicycle Racks

Local Bicycle Racks

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